Who is The Rad Movement?

Robbie is the founder of The Rad Movement, a personal and business coach, and veteran tattoo artist of 20+ years. He’s also appeared on various seasons of the hit TV series Ink Master.
Donna Jean
Donna Jean
Donna Jean is a travelling life & business coach, horror lover, and meme enthusiast. She’s also the social media manager for The Rad Movement!
Stefan Peterson
Stefan Peterson
Stefan is the writer and web developer of The Rad Movement, as well as a huge believer in the power of meditation, mindfulness, and facing fears.

Our Story

About The Rad Movement

The Rad Movement began in the professional tattoo community, and was initially focused on offering self-help, mental health services, and 1-on-1 coaching. As the movement grew, however, the message began receiving adoption by many outside the tattoo community as well. Our mission is simple: educate on and promote self-love and healthy mental behaviors to mend and improve connectedness to both the self and fellow human beings. We view this as a serious problem in American society today. We intend to do this using tattooing and famous tattoo artists as a platform to enable our messages of love and positivity go viral. We seek sponsors who also believe in a unique way of making a difference in the well-being of society.

The founder of The Rad Movement, Robbie Ripoll, is a world-famous tattoo artist who has been featured on shows like Ink Master multiple times, and has dedicated his life to making a difference. He’s gone through many personal struggles with depression, anger, and suicidal thoughts, which he talks about openly. This is NOT a financial approach for Robbie; rather this is a cause he lives and owns. He believes that the process of paying kindness forward can change lives. He is seeking like-minded investors interested in sponsoring a proven approach for mental and emotional healing to be recognized for their participation. Unlike other “donation approaches,” this is a sponsor relationship where our sponsors are recognized for their desire to make a difference.

Mental Health Has Become a Major Concern and Focal Point Across the Globe

As societies continue to grow and the pressures of everyday life continuing to escalate, so do crimes, depression, and suicide. We spend more today than ever before to help curtail these fast-growing trends with minimal impact on the final numbers.

Our own emerging workforce has been sold on the panacea of a college education, driven by hyper-capitalistic motives that paint a picture of success and financial reward. But, in fact, the global employment market continues to endorse the cheapest labor out there, setting up our Millennial generation and generations to come for disappointment, under performance, and degradation of one’s self-worth.

Without creative intervention, doing what we have always done will not course-correct the trends. Today, individuals are seeking new methods and approaches to cope with the challenges in their life. The days of “just suck it up” are gone, as evidenced by the epidemic of mass public killings, suicides, drug addiction, and the stories accompanying these heartbreaking acts. It’s time for a grassroots intervention to provide a unique path to healing that focuses on education, acceptance, self-love, and honesty.

Addressing the Opioid Epidemic

Opioids have traditionally been prescribed for physical pain, but their use is now at record high levels via underground paths to anesthetize emotional pain. Government regulators (local, state, national) have stepped in to oversee and regulate the use of such substances. However, this has not even seemed to put a dent in the amount of opioid abuse occurring.

Our Society Needs New, Creative Approaches to Mental Health

It’s time for a new creative approach that allows individuals to address their struggles, find salvation internally, and put themselves on a path of self-acceptance, happiness, and growth. With the staggering amount of individuals who are unable to afford the opportunity to speak with a certified mental health professional, alternative solutions to coping with mental and emotional health issues are more important than ever before.

The tattooing world has grown in popularity massively over the last decade, paving the way for tattoo artists to become social influencers on an impressive scale. And with body art allowing so many to express their inner struggles, it has become a unique way for many to achieve their own personal healthiness and wholeness. The Rad Movement has a mission – to promote mental health, self-love, and addressing and overcoming deep trauma. This is done not only through receiving tattoos, but through the arts of body suspension and meditation, combined with education. When these things are combined, there is truly metaphysical evolution that can take place.

Action Plan of The Rad Movement

Our first goal is to travel to all 50 states and give out 50 free love-centered tattoos in each state, totaling a whopping 2,500 free tattoos. All the while, we intend to promote our movement and spread awareness of our message with the help of social media and our website. Each tattoo will be given under the premise of paying the love forward, in that we give a free love tattoo, and the receiver must go out into the world and pay it forward by doing something good for someone truly in need.

While on the road offering free love-centered tattoos, we also plan to personally assist any individuals that we run into who are in need of our help, whether it be offering 1-on-1 coaching, paying for a haircut, buying a meal, talking, or just a hug.

We have been traveling around the country attending tattoo conventions for many years now, and using this approach we’ve been able to make tremendous differences in so many people’s lives that we would have never imagined in our wildest dreams. We want the first Rad Movement Tour to be a caravan of change and love, something that attracts intrigue from the eyes of people experiencing deep existential struggles and trying to cope with past traumas. When people see us rolling through town in the bright pink Rad Movement Tour Bus, we want them to know that a new form of help is here.

This is all just the beginning. There is so much more we have planned, but we have to take it one step at a time. Together, we can change society for the better!

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