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Robbie’s breakthrough and coaching methodologies hinge on a combination of learning real self love and conquering deep-seeded fears.

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    Robbie Ripoll on The Rad Movement and Personal Breakthroughs

    There are a lot of personal realizations we come to in our lives. I’ve realized that I hated myself at many points. I realized I wanted to be someone rad, and I’d wanted it for my whole life. Sometimes you can’t see the forest through the trees, and that’s tough — it can feel suffocating. I got an “I’m Rad” tattoo to remind myself that I was rad, but I never put it to good use. For that reason and many more,  The Rad Movement was something I knew I needed to do.

    In the world we live in, it’s so easy to hate yourself all the time. I’m here to tell people how far I’ve personally come, so that everyone else can get a little taste of what I felt. If you feel just a little bit of what I felt, you’ll change too. For anyone that wants to change, all you have to do is start. Starting is the hardest part; and my personal deficits forced me to start. Without those deficits, I don’t know if I ever would have made the changes I needed to make. My biggest internal enemies ended up becoming my road dogs.

    The Journey Can Be Tumultuous. You’re Not Alone.

    Doing what it took to break free of my own personal demons was terrifying, and still can be just about every day. I came from being overweight and suicidal with everything in life that I thought I had ever wanted, to giving up everything, and finally letting go of all the bullshit. But I’m here, and I’m happier than ever. If you’re going to take anything from this, please remember: you’re rad. You have it in you. All you have to do is get on board. Get over your bullshit; refuse to be a victim. Don’t be afraid to do things you don’t want to do. Don’t be afraid to dig deep within yourself. Promote the things you love, and stop bashing the things you hate.

    I hope my experiences and the insights I’ve found on my journey can add some extra positivity to your lives. Make sure to check out The Rad Podcast, where I interview some of my closest friends about past and current personal growth journeys.

    The Rad Movement Offers New, Creative Approaches to Mental Health

    It’s time for a new creative approach that allows individuals to address their struggles, find salvation internally, and put themselves on a path of self-acceptance, happiness, and growth. With the staggering amount of individuals who are unable to afford the opportunity to speak with a certified mental health professional, alternative solutions to coping with mental and emotional health issues are more important than ever before.

    The tattooing world has grown in popularity massively over the last decade, paving the way for tattoo artists to become social influencers on an impressive scale. And with body art allowing so many to express their inner struggles, it has become a unique way for the multitudes to achieve their own personal healthiness and wholeness. The Rad Movement has a mission – to promote mental health, self-love, and addressing and overcoming deep trauma. This is done not only through receiving tattoos, but through the arts of meditation, combined with education. When these things are done in conjunction, there is truly metaphysical evolution that can take place.

    Coaching and Breakthrough Tactics

    Our goal is simply to teach self-love and encourage facing fears, and we’re here to provide coaching direction and support through both. Reach out using our booking form and tell us about your situation. Also, make sure to spend some time in our Reading section of the site. Everybody is unique, which means everybody brings their own unique experience.

    “Robbie and I talk very often, and wow! What a motivational person. He ALWAYS puts a smile on my face. We’ve had some extremely deep conversations, and that’s where the connections start happening. He’s helped me in many ways, particularly in learning to overcome, be aware, and be present in the moment. I am a work in progress, and he always helps me move forward!