Robbie Ripoll started an informal tattooing apprenticeship under his father at 12-years-old, doing all kinds of odd jobs around the shop. He was awarded his professional tattoo artist title at 16-years-old, which he feels was probably good and bad. He went on to own multiple successful tattoo studios, including Ink Doctors and Chapel of Love. He’s been on Paramount Network’s Ink Master Season 5: Rivals, battling his brother – of all people. He also went back for two Redemption episodes, which he says was a really challenging and awesome experience. Now, Robbie has been a professional tattoo artist for just over 20 years, and he’s the founder of the non-profit organization The Rad Movement. After his time on Ink Master, he found himself with an incessant need for personal development, self-help, personal growth, and progress, which led him to founding The Rad Movement, a project aimed at inspiring others to seek out personal growth and development for themselves.